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Work days : Monday through Friday
Bank Holidays : 1rst of January, Chinese New Year, 4th of April, 1rst of May, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, 1rst to 7th of October.
Time zone : UTC +8
Capital : Beijing
Main Cities : Shanghai, Beijing, Canton, Shenzhen, Dongguan
Country Code : ISO 3166-2:CN

VAT : 16%
Currency : Yuan or renminbi (CNY)
Main Languages : Mandarin
Primary carrier service postal : China Post

Don't forget that for the calculation of your delivery delays, bank holidays are not considered work days.

How to send a package to China

My flying Box accompanies you step by step in managing your shipments. From your customer area you can buy the services of several carriers to send your parcels to China from France, Europe and internationally. 

Send a package to China by express

Sending a package to China can take time, usually 2 to 8 working days depending on the city and its geographical area.

Take advantage of our best express rates (48-hour delivery) by registering on our platform to access our carrier comparator.

Register the departure and arrival destinations of your package as well as its dimensions and compare the different offers.


Welcome pack:

  • 15 euros offered as part of your 1st expedition 
  • The possibility of making 5 shipments without any pre-validation of account

Price example: France to China 51,33€ for a 4kg package   

Do you make more than 50 shipments per month? MyFlyingBox offers tailor-made rates for professionals.  

How to make a quote?


To obtain reliable quotes, especially in China, all the information should be checked:

  • The postcode in China is made up of 6 digits – check that the postcode entered exists in China. Some carriers are able to offer services even if the basic information is incorrect, knowing that not all carriers do this, especially DHL which expects a correct postal code.

Example of a correct postal code in China: 100022

Example of an incorrect postal code: CN 100022

  •  Weight and dimensions must be real
    For the estimate to be correct, it is absolutely necessary that the parcel be weighed to the nearest gram and that the dimensions be measured to the nearest millimeter.


The transport of goods by express is highly regulated


Regarding express parcel shipments, the carriers detail in their general conditions of sale (GTC), an exhaustive list of goods prohibited or subject to special conditions.

As a general rule when you ship by express, your package must not contain valuables (works of art, jewellery, etc.) or cash. 

It is also forbidden to transport animals and plants. Alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, and other items are also prohibited or highly regulated.

Perfume samples, flammable liquids etc. may only be authorized under certain conditions.

For more questions about your shipments, contact us! At My Flying box you can now book our workshops online to help you manage your shipments (getting started with the platform, advice on packaging, customs, etc.).


Comply with customs procedures for a shipment to China


For shipments of samples, you must complete a pro forma invoice in duplicate. Indicate the cost of manufacturing the goods as the value.

For commercial shipments you must complete a commercial invoice in duplicate. Indicate the selling price of the goods as the value. For more information see our article on "Completing Commercial Invoices correctly».

Respect the mandatory information to put in your pro forma or commercial invoice for a shipment to China:

  •  Full address of sender and recipient
  • A full description and quantity of the goods together with the weight
  • If the recipient is a company, the VAT number of this company.

Remember to sign and date the invoice. Like all Pro-forma or commercial invoices, it must be written in English or in the language of the country of destination.


How to pack a package for delivery to China?


It is important to pay special attention to the packaging of your products before shipping. Taking the right precautions will prevent the package from arriving damaged at its destination.

Do not hesitate to consult our article on "Optimizing the customer experience through packaging" or our advice on “Prepare your fragile parcel shipments well” .


Take out additional Ad Valorem insurance


My Flying Box already includes free insurance that covers you up to an amount of €50 including tax. 

Depending on the value of the package you are going to send, insurance may provide security in case your package is lost or damaged. It is essential to take out insurance for items or products that have a high value. Add insurance «Ad Valorem » will allow you to insure your parcels up to €100,000, depending on the declared value.


Do you ship from China?


It is quite possible to send a package from China to France and the rest of the world.

At My Flying Box we ship parcels to and from all countries in the world. Next day delivery in France and Europe (beware of remote areas) and 2 to 7 days in the rest of the world depending on the country of destination. Collection between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (local time).

The Express services from China

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