At My Flying Box, we know that in order to accompany you in your shipments (especially of valuables), the subscription of an insurance is essential.
According to a recent survey, 62% of consumers say they have had at least one problem with receiving their order. The top sources of frustration are:

- The product arrived damaged,
- The package arrived late,
- The recipient discovers a notice in his mailbox while he was at home,
- The package was never received by the customer 😫

In order to respond to these unexpected events, many insurance policies exist today to cover the sender and to reassure the recipient about the delivery of the packages, with confidence.


What is Ad Valorem insurance? 🤔


Strickly, Ad Valorem It means "based on value". So, as the name suggests, insurance is based on the value of the shipment.

Ad Valorem insurance covers the risks of damage and/or loss during transport, i.e. destruction or deterioration, but also theft and loss of goods.


Simply put, through proof of purchase (sales receipt, invoice, receipt, etc.) of the goods shipped, you justify the value of those. And there you have it.

Proof of purchase (it can be a receipt, an invoice, a receipt...)

Attention Read your insurance contract in detail. A discount may be applied to the value of the goods transported if the latter is not a new product


Little tip : Remember to pack your shipments properly. The insurance can only work if the insured product to be transported has been well packed before the shipment!


How does it work? Why should I subscribe? 🔎



When the responsability of carriers is involved indemnities in the event of litigation are limited ; they can be calculated on the basis of a fixed price or on the basis of a reimbursement calculated on a price per kg ratio (as in the examples mentioned above).


LAd Valorem insurance compensates on the basis of the declared value of the goods that have been shipped. A non-negligible aspect!

Besides, Seller or Carrier; who is responsible?


The carrier commits to you - merchant or e-merchant - to deliver the entrusted goods.

As a seller - merchant or e-merchant - you are committed to handing over goods in good condition to your customer. You are therefore responsible.

More strictly, according to the Hamon law, and more precisely according to the consumer code implemented on June 16, 2017 states, " The trader is automatically liable to the consumer for the proper performance of the obligations arising from the distance contract (…) However, he may be exempted from all or part of his liability by proving that the non-performance or poor performance of the contract is attributable.» (Article L221-15).

This level of service allows you to cover all routes.

It is always possible to protect yourself!


How to insure your shipments at My Flying Box ? 📦


My Flying Box includes in its transport price a guarantee - up to 50 € which covers only the risks of loss and/or theft. This guarantee works on simple presentation of proof of purchase. In addition, for high value or fragile products, we recommend subscribing to our Ad Valorem insurance. 🔐

To insure your packages, nothing could be easier!


Get connected on your customer zone My Flying Box, then click on the " Quote" link ».

Then, you can fill in all the information related to the shipment of your package; the sender, the recipient, the dimensions, etc.

Then choose the delivery option that suits you best from the offers available.


To learn more about the conditions of the My Flying Box insurance, you have a small clickable insert with all the information you need.

My Flying Box is totally transparent to ensure the protection and smooth running of your shipments in France or abroad.


On the FAQ in your customer area, you can find the procedure to follow.

If it can be proven that the carrier is responsible for the damage caused (damage covered by Ad Valorem insurance), My Flying Box will reimburse you for this damage upon proof (reminder: the purchase invoice).


The amount of the insurance premium is determined according to the actual value of the goods transported.


For more information or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact My Flying Box customer service at this address

In conclusion 🖋


With Ad Valorem insurance, you protect your goods against almost all risks and preserve your image with your customers 


As a bonus to this article, you will find a downloadable infographic outlining the essential points of taking out insurance:

🚚Ad Valorem Infographic

With Ad Valorem, no problem! 😉