Carriers are vigilant about the protection of packages but this is the responsibility of the professional regarding the packaging. In addition, no insurance contract provides for reimbursement for the breakage of a fragile package. In addition, it is necessary to precisely declare the contents of what you are going to ship, especially if you are shipping to countries outside the European Union (EU). This will prevent the package from being refused by the transport services or by customs.

Send a fragile package safely 

To send securely qIrrespective of the country of destination, the product(s) must be placed in a cardboard box that is in excellent condition. 

You have to be very careful about the protection of the package, especially if your company manufactures fragile products such as: glass products, household appliances, furniture, etc.

Once you have properly closed and sealed your package, you need to take the right measurements and weigh it correctly. On our MyFlyingBox platform to ship a package, you must enter the departure address and the destination address as well as the dimensions and weight to access the different carrier prices. This information must be accurate and complete otherwise there is a risk that the carrier will not support your shipments or decide to charge you a supplement later.

  • Choose the right carrier 

Choose the right carrier pickup point with Mondial Relay in France and with UPS in order to have the guarantee that your package will be picked up by your customers when they want it. 

If you need to send your fragile package the same day, you have the choice between several carriers such as: Colissimo, UPS, Fedex, Mondial Relay

If you want to send a fragile package to Belgium, Bpost is the best solution for you. In Europe or the United Kingdom, Fedex is the best solution to send a parcel internationally. 

For fast shipping to the United States and Canada we offer carriers such as DHL, UPS. You can consult our rates or register on the platform MyFlyingBox  and start making your first shipment.It is free if you send a package with a value less than or equal to 15 euros including tax.

  • Choose the right packaging 

 Do not choose a box that is too big 

Do not choose a box that is too big for sending a fragile package. The padding will not be sufficient to protect it during transport. It is enough that the box is slightly larger. Feel free to add padding materials. 

Choose a sufficiently rigid and solid box

To guarantee protection for these fragile materials, it is important to choose a rigid and solid box. Opt for a double groove if your parcel weighs up to 30 kg and triple groove if your parcel is heavier. If your package is bulky and fragile, stuff it with air cushions, foam, polystyrene or paper. For books and hi-tech equipment, choosing a waterproof box could be a good alternative. In case it is not possible for you to use a waterproof box, it is essential to choose a good tape.

Choosing a Good Packaging Adhesive 

You have many choices on the site of the Poste otherwise you will find it easily in supermarkets. You have to be sure that your package will arrive in good condition to the recipient. To close your packaging, you must use the H method, suitable for any type of package, fragile or not: place the tape over the entire length of the box at the top and bottom, as well as at the 4 ends. There are also specific adhesive tapes for sending parcels and/or fragile parcels. They are simply designed to withstand

Pack each product well

Before putting it in the box, you have to think about packing your product. If you want to send several products in the same package, you must wrap them individually and separate them to prevent them from overlapping during the journey.  See our article on parcel packing, become a real pro!

  • Opt for additional insurance

My Flying Box already includes free insurance that covers you up to an amount of €50 including tax in the event that your package is lost or damaged.

Even if your package is well protected, it would be important to take out optional insurance for security, especially if your package contains a valuable item. See our article on   Ad Valorem insurance »