Crash Tests
29 May 2024

In the world of transportation, crash tests are essential, especially for small packages sent by courier services like Colissimo or UPS. But what exactly are they? 

Crash tests are experiments designed to simulate a series of drops and impacts that any package must withstand during its transit. The goal is to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination undamaged, despite the various handling they undergo. 

Essential Elements of a Good Crash Test 

  • New Packaging: 

The packaging must be intact and unused to ensure it retains all its initial protective properties. 

  • Appropriate Protections: 

Each product should be surrounded by suitable protective materials such as foam, polystyrene, or bubble wrap. These materials absorb shocks and minimize the risk of damage. 

  • Drop from a Minimum Height of 1 Meter: 

The standard drop should be from a height of at least one meter to simulate common handling during transport. 

  • Une Série de Chutes sur Toutes les Arêtes : 

To evaluate the package's resistance from all angles, drops should be performed on each edge of the package. This helps analyze the impact on the product in case of shocks from different directions. 

Why Are Crash Tests Important? 

Crash tests are crucial for several reasons: 

  • Quality Assurance: 

They ensure that the packaging is robust enough to protect the contents during shipping. 

  • Loss Reduction: 

By minimizing the risk of damage, they reduce financial losses for companies and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • Continuous Improvement: 

Crash test results allow manufacturers and shippers to continuously improve their packaging and protection methods. 

To be concludedCrash tests are an integral part of the logistics process to ensure the safety and integrity of transported products. They help prevent damage and ensure that packages arrive at their destination in perfect condition. 

Why Are Crash Tests Crucial for Insurance?

When you subscribe to a protection plan, warranty, or transport insurance, the insurer expects the packaging to protect the merchandise. This is the primary role of the box and protective materials. To prevent the insurance company from rejecting your claim due to insufficient precautions, the demonstration of a crash test is sufficiently convincing for the insurer, and will guarantee satisfaction and reassure your customers about your logistics service and the image of your company worldwide.

  • Proof of Precaution: 

Crash tests provide tangible proof that you have taken all necessary precautions to protect the merchandise. They demonstrate that the packaging has been tested and can withstand common transport shocks. 

  • Claim Acceptance: 

In case of damage, a file including crash test results is more likely to be accepted by the insurer. It shows that the packaging meets the expected protection standards. 

  • Customer Satisfaction: 

Demonstrating crash tests reassures your customers about the quality and reliability of your logistics service. They can trust that their products will arrive in good condition, enhancing customer satisfaction. 

  • Brand Image: 

By proving that you take merchandise protection seriously, you improve your company's image. It shows your commitment to quality and safety, which can positively impact your reputation worldwide. 

How Crash Tests Improve Trust from Insurers and Customers ?

  • For Insurers: 

Insurers want to ensure that risks are minimized. Crash test results show that packaging is rigorously tested and meets necessary protection criteria, thereby reducing the risk of costly claims. 

  • For Customers: 

Customers want to be assured that their orders will be delivered undamaged. Transparency about crash test procedures can reassure them that you are taking all necessary measures to protect their products. 


Integrating crash tests into your logistics process not only ensures that your products are well-protected, but also strengthens your position with insurers and customers. It helps guarantee that your insurance claims will be accepted when needed and improves your brand perception by demonstrating your commitment to the quality and safety of transported products. 

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