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8 December 2020

At the beginning of October, My Flying Box launched a survey in order to be closer to you.
This survey was sent to all our customers who have placed at least 10 orders since the creation of their account. 48 of you have answered so far (oh no, 49 at this very moment!) and we thank you for the time you have devoted to us. Your comments have already allowed us to implement many actions and we have other levers for improvement in store for you.


🧭 Claims follow-up


Our blog post " Subscribe to My Flying Box "Ad Valorem" insurance describes the advantages of insuring your shipments (especially those of value). By offering this service, we have thought of you and your shipped goods.

To sum up this blog publication :

By default, all shipments made by My Flying Box (and delivered against signature) are guaranteed lost/stolen up to a maximum of 50 euro including VAT.
- In addition, you have the possibility to insure your goods at their real value against lost/stolen and damages with our partner Secursus

Operating instructionsWith an Ad valorem insurancewith Secursus :

In case of a claim, make sure your file is complete on the Secursus website. The insurance company also provides a chat room for you to exchange with their services.


🥇Our prices


Our goal is to allow all our customers, regardless of the volume of their shipments, to have the best rates. For My Flying Box, the best way to negotiate with its carrier partners is to increase the volume of shipments or customers.

💥 Personal Comment : try not to insist too much on lowering the rates, otherwise we'll be forced to save on my post and you won't have the chance to read me anymore...I'm just throwing this out there 🙄

After analysis of our survey, 21% of you use our services following recommendations from third parties. We thank you for your trust, but what would you say about telling your friends and family?

In short, if you have people you like, send them to us and if you have people you don't like, send them anyway! My Flying Box has set up a win-win sponsorship system.

This sponsorship can allow you to earn 30 euros, as well as your sponsored friends, provided that they have created their account and made at least one shipment.


Nota bene My Flying Box regularly organizes contests. Did you have a look at the latest prize?


How to use sponsorship :


Customer Service

My Flying Box is an enthusiastic, accessible, collaborative, punchy, professional start-up that inspires confidence through its expertise and extensive knowledge of transportation. In order to convey this acidulous and fresh universe, our tone is itself impregnated with this state of mind.

>> Honesty
>> Calm
>> Professionalism
>> Wisdom

We have expanded our customer service team and have adjusted the hours of availability. And this, in order to meet your expectations as well as possible. We were lucky enough to welcome Suzanna, Aleksandra and Chloé. The service is now open from 7am to 7pm, Paris time, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays (we rest to be at the top and this in order to satisfy your needs).

If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact our super, mega, giga top customer service at +33422131828 or at We are here to help you! And we are committed to respond very quickly.




Our billing system is like us, unique!

Case #1 : The CB prepayment method

Our customers credit their My Flying Box account with the amount they want, from a minimum of 20 € with the credit card of their choice.

Once the account is positive (credited), they can pilot their shipments 🚀


Case #2 : payment by credit card upon shipment

Our customers can choose to pay for their shipments at the time of order without having to credit their account.


Case #3 SEPA Direct Debit (valid throughout Europe)

You also have the option of subscribing to weekly, biweekly or monthly SEPA direct debits.


How to ask ?


When you are logged into your My Flying Box account:

#1- Account > Payment method > Add an account.

Once you have entered your banking information, you must proceed as follows:

#2- Account > direct debit authorization : print the document, date and sign it. You just have to send it to us by postale route.


🚛 Services offered by the carriers :


A book to send to your cousin in Singapore? Homemade jams to be delivered for the brunch of a 5 star hotel in Paris ? Forgotten flip-flops in Cancun to be picked up before Monday in Ko Phi Phi? A sample to send from your factory in China to your customer in the United States?

My Flying Box makes you travel a lot - as long as it fits in a box and weighs less than 70 kg - from and to anywhere, safely and with the best carriers.


🎇 FYI, if your mother-in-law is bothering you, there are other ways than shipping her halfway around the world.... We don't do people transport 🤪


We work with local carriers (operating on a national level such as La Poste in France), Bpost in Belgium USPS for United States) and "Express" carriers such as DHL, FEDEX and also UPSYou also have the possibility of making a gesture for the planet by being delivered in Point Relais. The notion of the last mile is a key issue, both for us and for our industry (see our articles " What deliveries for the future and CSR commitments in the transport sector »)


Recently, we have again the possibility to send your parcels to Russia, but only in BtoB. 

The rates offered by our carriers depend on many factors:

- The carrier you have chosen;
- Destination (more or less accessible);
- The way (plane, truck) ;
- The size of your box;
- The weight of your shipment.


As you will have understood, the services provided by our carriers (as well as the rates) do not depend only on us, but also and especially on you.



Many of you have asked us to provide you with packaging. At the moment, we cannot offer you this type of service. However, your feedback has led us to find solutions that better meet your needs. In the meantime, we can advise you the company RAJAa packaging specialist.


To conclude, My Flying Box thanks you for your comments. We hope that this article has answered some of your expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest your ideas. We are first and foremost a team of men and women, a team at your service (and we don't bite!)


THANK YOU for continuing to trust us.


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