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The company Mondial Relay was created in 1997 and has opened its services in relay points to any and all stakeholders of the distance selling market.

Creation date : 1997
Slogan : Le spécialiste de la livraison aux particuliers

Head office : Hem, France

The company numbers 649 employees, 26 distribution agencies, 4 correspondance platforms (two in France, one in Belgium, one in Spain), can contact over 1 000 transporters, and delivered 60 millions parcels in 2017. The company manages a network of over 6300 relay points in France.
Until 2018, Mondial Relay was specialized in the shipping of small parcels (max30kg). However Mondial Relay is getting involved in the market of larger parcels weighing up to 150kg that clients can collect in « Drive » relay points.

Available services :

  • Mondial Relay Point Relais
  • Mondial Relay International Home Delivery
  • Mondial Relay International Point Relais

Access our contract partners starting more than 30 countries across the world.

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