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  • The carrier did not arrive to collect my parcel: what should I do ?

    If the carrier did not come to collect your parcel, please verify first of all:
    - That the pick-up address is correct in its entirety.
    - That the phone number is correct and originates from the pick-up country.
    - The sender was at the location.

    After verifying the information above, open a ticket in your customer area indicating your instructions so as to procede with a new pick-up.

  • I have forgotten my username and/or password: how can I get it back ?

    If you have forgotten your username and/or password, it is possible to get it back.
    First of all, your username corresponds to the e-mail address provided whilst creating your account.
    If you have only forgotten your password, you have the possibility to get it back by clicking on "Forgot your password ?" located under the connexion form. Fill in your e-mail address to receive a link in your inbox allowing you to provide a new password.

  • Ad Valorem insurance and My Flying Box insurance: which to choose ?

    To protect your merchandise, you can choose to subscribe to two types of insurance:
    -The My Flying Box insurance is included by default for all our services. It covers the loss or theft of your parcels by the carrier during the shipping process. However, the maximum value of the insurance is 50€ per shipment.
    - The Ad Valorem insurance, is strongly suggested if the value of your parcel is above 50€ or if it is fragile (ex: fragile objects or wine bottles).

    We recommend that you always check the General Terms and Conditions of your insurance contract so as to verify the different situations which you could encounter during your shipping process.

  • How can I obtain a quotation ?

    Thanks to My Flying Box, you can easily obtain a quotation for the parcels you wish to send. The pricings are negociated specially for you so that you can choose the carrier service which serves best your needs.

    Here are the different steps to take:
    - First of all, create your company account.
    - Confirm the registration e-mail which will be sent to your inbox.
    - Go to the Quotation page in your customer area.
    - You can now fill-in the country, dimensions and weight sections corresponding to your merchandise.
    - Finally, compare now the different offers available !

  • Where is the closest pick-up or drop-off point ?

    During the sending process of your parcels, you have the possibility to choose a service providing a pick-up by the carrier at your home/office, however you can also choose a service where you drop-off and pick-up your parcels in relay points.
    According to the different services provided, here is how you can find which relay point is closest to you:
    - If you have chosen the "Postal" service with carriers such as Colissimo, USPS or Bpost, the drop-off point or pick-up location will be your nearest post-office.
    - If you have chosen the "Relais" service such as Mondial Relay, Chrono Relais or Access Point UPS, please head on to the webite of the chosen carrier or go to your customer area to find the closest pick-up or drop-off point.

  • Can I make a complaint concerning my billing ?

    If you have a problem with one of your bills, you can make a complaint to our customer service manager.
    Indeed, to do this you have a delay of 30 days to challenge the bill once it has been sent. All you need to do is connect to your customer area and open a ticket for the specific shipment.

  • Can I save in advance the shipping information already provided during previous shipments ?

    Your shipping information can be saved on your account:
    - The address book can be saved as you fill in your shipment form. It can also be integrated through a XLS or CSV file.
    - The dimensions and weight of your parcels can also be saved.

  • Do I have the choice to pay in another currency than the one offered ?

    You can pay in the currency of your choice. If your currency isn't offered, please contact us through our Help Center.

  • When will I be billed by My Flying Box ?

    The bills are sent weekly, every two weeks, or monthly depending on your payment method. Your bill:

    - For prepayed accounts (credit card: Visa, Mastercard or Maestro) : billed weekly.

    - For direct debit payments: the cycle of billing is of 15 to 30 days depending on outstanding amounts and the needs of the client.

  • What payment method can I use ?

    Several payment methods are offered, you can :
    - Credit your account on your customer area with your credit card : Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.
    - Be granted an outstanding amount with conditions by choosing the direct debit payment to be debited in 15 or 30 days.

  • How can I track my parcel?

    It is possible to track your parcel directly on our platform.
    You can access the tracking of your parcel on your account in the "My orders" page.

  • The receiver is a professional : can he be delivered at his workplace ?

    It is possible for professionals to receive a parcel shipment directly to their workplace
    However, the receiver will need to take certain measures to ensure the shipping goes according to plan :
    - First of all the professional must ask the authorization of his employer. If he accepts, the delivery to his workplace will be possible.
    - He also needs to warn the reception service of his company in advance or the person in charge of retrieving parcels.
    - Finally, the name of the company as well as the name of the receiver need to be clearly mentionned. The reception of the company will need to be able to identify clearly which employee is concerned by the delivery and retrieval of the parcel. Do not hesitate to leave your phone number so that the carrier can contact you if the need arises.

  • I am encountering a problem : how can I contact you ?

    The My Flying Box team is ready to help you if you encounter any issues during your shipping process or at the retrieval of your parcel.

    You have the possibility to contact us by signaling an incident relating to a parcel shipment by opening a ticket on your customer area. For this, open the concerned shipment tab and click on "Open a ticket". Select the motive of this ticket and give a little more detail in the body of the message.

    If you do not have access to your account, you can also directly contact us by e-mail or by phone through our contact page. You will then receive a personalised help according to the problem encountered.

  • Will my clients have access to the tracking of their order?

    Your clients have access to the tracking of their order directly in their customer area on your e-commerce website. It will appear on the page concerning their shipment information.

  • Is My Flying Box visible on my e-commerce website ?

    The My Flying Box brand is not visible on your e-commerce website. Indeed, our delivery module is integrated as a white label on your website. This is why, My Flying Box will not be mentionned on your clients' customer area.
    The module automatically creates itself with the graphical settings of your website, all whilst keeping your personnalisation, from your products to your image (graphical charters, design, colour etc...).

  • My parcel has been lost, my parcel has been damaged, what should I do ?
    If your parcel has been lost or damaged and you had subscribed to an insurance whilst ordering, we will be able to compensate you.

    With an Ad valorem insurance
    the modalities of claims compensation are detailed in our General Terms and Conditions of sale as well as those of the insurer
    as well as those of the insurer. You will then need to direct your demands in a delay of 72h in the incident manager of the website. Your demands will need to be accompanied by a bill and photos of the damaged parcel.

    With the My Flying Box Insurance
    if you do not take a complementary insurance for your shipments, you can subscribe to the My Flying Box insurance. This insurance is limited to recognized losses by the carriers. Furthermore you can be compensated at a maximum of 50€ all taxes included. The file to fill-out for your lost parcel will need to be reported with a proof of billing. You will then need to complete it within the maximum delay of 3 working days after noticing the loss of the parcel by the carrier.
    The file to be completed for a lost parcel will have to be reported, on proof of invoice. It must then be established within a maximum of 3 working days after the declaration of the loss by the carrier.

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