Train WePost!

Send a parcel with WePost

The WePost! startup founded by Sophie Brette and Bruno Hameurt offers a parcel co-transport service by train.

Creation date : 2021
Head office : Marseille

Train WePost!

Send a parcel with WePost

The WePost! startup founded by Sophie Brette and Bruno Hameurt offers a parcel co-transport service by train.

Creation date : 2021
Head office : Marseille

What is WePost?

WePost! is a new alternative that combines purchasing power and more responsible service, with remuneration for the passenger and zero-emission, same-day and express transport.

On a national scale, WePost! is there to contribute to the ecological transition of the supply chain.

WePost! lets you ship parcels up to 2kg.

WePost! allows you to send your goods in an eco-responsible way, with collection at a relay point close to the destination station.

Available services

  • WePost! Standard

    Delivery in D+1 /24h thanks to the WePosteurs travelers in our community

  • WePost! ultra-express

    Same day delivery, - 6 hours thanks to our community of WePosteur travelers

  • WePost! Premium

    WePost premium is a concierge service for professionals with first- and last-km pickup, for a delivery time of less than 24 hours.

WePost! terms of use

  • Contents and packaging

For parcels from private individuals, we favor transparency or the choice of packaging designed to be easily opened, guaranteeing visibility of the contents for the peace of mind of all users.

⚠️ Special packaging is therefore required: This means that the packaging must be transparent, or that the parcel can be easily opened for verification at a relay point.

  • Content declaration

The contents of your parcel must correspond to the declaration you made when you placed your order. To guarantee this, we carry out content checks at every stage of the shipping process. This enables us to maintain confidence in our service.

  • Characteristics of your parcel packaging


      • The maximum weight accepted per package is 2kg
      • Maximum dimensions (length + width + height) must not exceed 50 cm long and 70 cm wide.
      • The longest side must not exceed 80 cm.
      • Tubes or cylindrical packages are strongly discouraged.
  • Gluing your packing slip for parcel tracking

Be sure to print out your packing slip and ensure that the QR Code is legible.


  • User verification by the Point Relais

In certain situations, the relay point where you drop off or pick up your parcel may ask you to show proof of identity. The purpose of this measure is to ensure that the information provided is consistent with what you declared when you placed your order. Your security is our top priority.

  • List of regulated or prohibited transport

      • Narcotics and psychotropic substances,
      • Counterfeit products,
      • Live animals,
      • Valuables such as jewelry, precious metals, banknotes, bearer securities, gold or silver, and other valuables,
      • Cultural property of major interest to the national heritage,
      • Sensitive items subject to special formalities: weapons, medicines, tobacco, asbestos, strategic goods for civilian or military use, or products from wild animal or plant species protected by the Washington Convention,
      • Items whose nature or packaging may present a danger to others,
      • Inflammable materials (alcohol, perfumes), explosive materials (including inert or dummy ammunition), radioactive or corrosive materials, hazardous waste and dangerous materials such as compressed gases or any object containing gas or compressed or liquid air (aerosol products, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, etc.),
      • Lithium batteries,
      • Infectious and non-infectious perishable biological materials,
      • Dead animals,
      • Human organs and remains,
      • Obscene or immoral objects.

Certified users

At Wepost, security and reliability are top priorities. As part of our commitment to excellence, we have implemented a rigorous identity verification process. The aim is to ensure that every user is correctly identified and authenticated, guaranteeing transactions in complete confidence.

For parcels sent by professionals listed with My Flying Box

The process is designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of shipments, with the contents guaranteed and declared by the professional, and the parcel transported in closed, opaque packaging.

Choice of packaging

We ask you to ensure that your parcel is properly packed, so as to guarantee the safety of your item during transit. Practical, sturdy packaging is essential to protect your shipment.

Real-time parcel tracking

We're committed to providing real-time parcel tracking that gives you total control over the status of your shipments, while offering the convenience of access via our chat assistant.
From initial pick-up to final delivery, you have full access to all tracking information. Our assistant is there to offer you personalized service and instant response. No need to guess where your parcel is or when it will be delivered. Our real-time tracking and chat assistant is there for you.

Account insurance offered for every Transport

WePost has taken out an insurance policy with Tokyo Marine which is included in the transport package, offering the beneficiary free protection up to a maximum of €150 in the event of damage to property during transport.

Users are informed that sums paid in return for Transport are not reimbursed when account insurance is taken out.

How is the cost of sending the package calculated?

The cost of sending a package depends on the departure and destination addresses as well as the options you will select with or without signature, for example. The best way to find out how much it will cost to ship a package is to register on MyFlyingBox and make a first expedition.

On our online interface you can calculate the price of the shipment according to the size, the weight of your package, the country of departure, destination etc.

How to protect your package against loss or damage?

As a professional shipper, your package benefits from a standard MyFlyingBox guarantee, of a maximum of €50 in the event of theft and loss. For articles or products with high added value, we advise you to take out additional Ad Valorem insurance which will allow you to insure your parcels up to €100,000. In the event of theft, loss or damage, compensation will be calculated on the basis of the value declared during your shipment.

Complaints procedure for uninsured shipment

        • Open a ticket in the incident manager on your online account by selecting the parcel number concerned
        • A confirmation of the incident with the carrier will be made by our services
        • Upon receipt of the confirmation of the loss by the carrier, we can validate the MyFlyingbox guarantee
        • It will be necessary to provide us with the purchase and/or sale invoice including the full description of your goods to claim the guarantee which may go up to a maximum of €50.
        • Damage due to defective packaging is not allowed by the carriers and therefore the transport costs remain the responsibility of the customer.
        • In case of loss of the package, the shipping costs are always refunded.

    It should be specified that the breakage or deterioration of your content is not covered by the MyFlyingBox guarantee.

    Complaints procedure for insured shipment

        • Open a ticket in the incident manager on your online account by selecting the parcel number concerned
        • Wait for confirmation of the incident and/or loss with the carrier to be validated by our services
        • Upon receipt of confirmation of loss or damage from the carrier, we will require:
            • A purchase and/or sale invoice including the description complete with your merchandise
            • Des photos de votre produit et de votre produit dans son emballage en amont de l’expédition seront nécessaire pour toutes les expéditions d’une valeur supérieure à 4000€Nous procèderons également au remboursement des frais de transport.
        • Once the file is completed and validated, it will be sent to the insurance and the reimbursement will reach you within 15 days to 4 weeks depending on the value.

    We kindly ask you to download from the incident manager the documents required by the insurance. Moreover, do not hesitate to consult our article Subscribe to My Flying Box “Ad Valorem” insurance for more details.

    Tous les transporteurs ont des conditions générales de transport. Si vous dérogez à ces conditions, des suppléments peuvent être facturés sur votre facture par la suite. Lorsque vous envoyez avec un transporteur, vous acceptez automatiquement les Conditions Générales de ce transporteur.

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