Customs fees and Christmas gifts
10 January 2022

How to properly manage your shipments for this end of the year while avoiding customs fees?



Avoid duties and taxes, understand parcel insurance, and put in place the right packaging ... 

  • Communicate the right information about your products
  • End of year gifts and customs fees
  • Ship with peace of mind

Communicate in a simple and effective way the right information about your products


When making your slip, you will be asked for the description of your product to be transported. This information is essential for the correct calculation of your customs costs. Do not hesitate to be exhaustive on the details of your product. The term "gift" is inadequate for international shipping. If you send for example pants, please describe the type "Jean", "cotton", "linen", possibly the size, men's or women's pants, the brand (a lot of this information is available on the product label. ), product value, country of manufacture. If it is a personal gift, it should be specified on the pro-forma invoice in triplicate that will accompany the transport slip (in English the term is "unsolicited gift).
Ces informations seront cruciales lors du passage en douane (notamment pour l’Angleterre). Pour cet aspect, nn’hésitez pas à consulter notre dossier spécial Brexit and Customs Fees

End of year gifts and customs fees


A personal gift or corporate gift at the end of the year must arrive at the right time but above all without any inconvenience for the recipient.

For your customs fees on these goods, MyFlyingBox and its customer service help you manage shipments to countries with duties and taxes. How? 'Or' What ?

  • Check the minimum non-taxable value or not subject to duties and taxes in the country of destination. Ex: To France, personal gifts of a value equal to or less than € 45 are not taxed. Ex: To the United States, the value of the shipment must not exceed 700 € for a product made in France (beware of prohibited products such as chocolate and alcohol in some states).
  • Your gift exceeds the minimum non-taxable value in the country of destination: 
  • Make sure the recipient of the package is prepared to pay duties and taxes before the package is sent. You can anticipate the amount of these taxes on simplyduty.comNote that 90% of international shipments are made on the basis of a collection of its fees commonly called "Duties & Tax" to the recipient. 
  • The sender, for the sake of image and peace of mind, can also choose to take charge of duties and taxes (customs fees). To do this, it is advisable to get closer to his commercial contact who can guide him in the service (s) available for this type of expedition.

    Note that this service costs around € 15 in addition to duties and taxes


    Ship with peace of mind

    While it is true that 98% of shipments are delivered in very good condition all year round, the risk of lost packages is more numerous during the year-end period; and despite all the diligence of the carriers, the delivery can sometimes be experienced as a failure. When creating your shipment, the value of the merchandise will allow you to assess duties and taxes, but it can also be used to protect you against the risk of loss and / or breakage. It is then necessary to assess the risks and take out additional transport insurance which will cover the risk of loss or breakage of your product, in particular for high-value products.  

    Finally, a good packaging with a new box - not too big, not too big - good protection (newspaper, bubble wrap, polystyrene ...), and a small photo of your package from all "angles" before sending your gift and voila!

Do not hesitate to read our article on optimization of the customer experience through packaging

From the platform MyFlyingBoxyou will be able to directly see the parcel transport offers, the insurance of your parcels, access parcel transport solutions with the assumption of duties and taxes on request, and discover our advice on packaging or Brexit. 

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