Innovative express shipping services for businesses

  • Remove borders between domestic and international carriers
  • Access all our premium accounts with no minima or commitments
  • Free access to our API and web-based tools

You are...


  • 1 API = only 1 integration
  • White label solution
  • Access to 10 domestic carriers from 8 countries
  • Access to our premium contracts with all our carriers

SME, Start-up and e-seller

  • Access simple tools for all your needs
  • Access our premium contracts with all our carriers
  • Only one monthly invoice with 30 day payment time
  • One intermediary for all your shipments

Comparison website

  • 1 API = only 1 integration
  • Alternative sourcing
  • White label solution
  • Access to 10 domestic carriers from 8 countries

Logistics operator

  • Offer alternative express services to your customers
  • Propose return solutions with our domestic carriers
  • Access our premium contracts with all our carriers
  • A multicarrier, multilingual incident manager

Web-based intuitive tools

Simple tools in a powerful web interface, accessible from anywhere.
Get all the features you need daily:

  • Request a quote
  • Book a shipment/pickup, one by one or in bulk
  • Print labels
  • Track your parcels
  • Addressbook
  • Incident manager

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Step 1

Create your account, log in

Step 2

Fill in the country of departure, arrival, weight and size of the box (or boxes )

Step 3

Compare offers from our partner express carriers

Ship: drop your parcels at the closest post office or choose on-site pick up

Manage: track your shipments online

Extensions for e-commerce solutions

Install, configure, ship!
With your Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce extensions, book and track shipments directly from your back-office.

You can even present dynamic shipping rates to your customers, calculated in real time via our webservice.

A REST API designed for developers

For custom integration, our API (REST, JSON) is at your service. Reliable, consistent and documented: don't lose time and preserve your developer's mental health!

Our technical team is available to assist you at any step of your integration, tests and going live.

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