Since more than 10 years, hundreds of thousands of sellers, professional or individuals started to sale online worldwide, on various market places such as Ebay, Etsy, Leboncoin, Amazon, Videdressing, Wish, Vinted… and this, without knowing how to get the best deal for their shipping.

What did we develop for new players in the United States?

Why USPS ?

It’s the better-known carrier in the United States, with the best quality/ price service.

Parcels can be simply dropped-off in every USPS drop-off store. We have no doubt that your American customers will recognize their services with a 98% satisfaction rate.

But we also provide UPS, Fedex or DHL services.

Why so many carriers ?

Each customer has a different expectation. Some of them will favored low transport costs, rather than others will need an express delivery, and so on…

Last but not least, carriers are not all equal when it’s a matter of sending a parcel in France or around the globe, the more choice you can offer, the better is your chance to sell!

  1. Prestashop
  2. Magento
  3. WooComerce
  4.  An online dashboard immediately available.
Why an online dashboard ?

Because launching an e-commerce is not easy, search engine optimization is a key, and finding the perfect attractive product for customers, and, finally, gaining new clients to buy your products.

Remember that very few e-commerce web sites will survive more than 3 years. Before integrating a plug-in, your need to identify your market, satisfy your customer’s requests and develop your turn over!

Installing a plug-in will naturally come up as your business grows and the number of shipments will increase and then will allow you to implement it with the right person.

Integration of plug-in will require a lot of energy and resources to start with. Regular updates need to be done and these constraints could create obstacles for an untrained person.

It’s better to start with a tool that will allow you to know carriers and their services – prices, quality, delays …- through an intuitive platform. More services you test, better is the chance to fulfil your customer needs.


Choosing the right carrier is not anecdotic.

There is no such thing as zero risk!

A lot of interferences can happen in transportation – weather conditions, repetitive strikes ( in France for example) – and this can create obstacles that will not allow the transport to be executed in good conditions, and respect the announced delay.

We think that creating and allowing you to use our platform could: assist you in the tracking with the carriers, allow you to gain time, help you to develop your image with your clients.