Our Story

MY FLYING BOX was born out of Valérie DE JESUS’ will to give entrepreneurs, ambitious people, innovators, e-merchants, emerging pure players, small companies… a solution to ship like the big ones (accounts, multinational corporations…).

After 15 years spent working for the instant messaging tenors, Valérie and her team launched their platform in 2011. Its aim was to offer ways for professionals and peers to ship packages at competitive, cohesive prices and a guaranteed top service… Bonjour My Flying Box!

So, MY FLYING BOX allows you to ship whatever you feel like (as long as it fits in a carton box), from and to anywhere in the world, at small prices of course… and with smiling faces to top it all!



Valérie De Jesus

Valérie, MY FLYING BOX founder is our flag bearer. Bold and enthusiastic, she wants (and she will!) make the world of transportation easier, more global and more democratic!

Thomas Belliard

Thomas is our IT co-director, our green conscience: biodiversity being a passion, he is at one with nature. True trend locator in his field of expertise, up to date on the latest technologies, Thomas advices our clients looking into optimizing budgets and deadlines.

Florent Piteau

Florent is our geek and acts as co-director IT. The happiest when in a homelike, joyful environment, Florent loves to build up strong relationships with our partners for our clients benefit.

Frédéric Joukoff

Dynamic entrepreneur since his 20’s, ski, golf and tennis enthusiast, Frédéric, our general manager picked up this new challenge and is well decided to help My Flying Box become the key partner to every web players.