If your parcel has been lost or damaged and you had subscribed to an insurance whilst ordering, we will be able to compensate you.

With an Ad valorem insurance
the modalities of claims compensation are detailed in our General Terms and Conditions of sale as well as those of the insurer
as well as those of the insurer. You will then need to direct your demands in a delay of 72h in the incident manager of the myflyingbox.com website. Your demands will need to be accompanied by a bill and photos of the damaged parcel.

With the My Flying Box Insurance
if you do not take a complementary insurance for your shipments, you can subscribe to the My Flying Box insurance. This insurance is limited to recognized losses by the carriers. Furthermore you can be compensated at a maximum of 50€ all taxes included. The file to fill-out for your lost parcel will need to be reported with a proof of billing. You will then need to complete it within the maximum delay of 3 working days after noticing the loss of the parcel by the carrier.
The file to be completed for a lost parcel will have to be reported, on proof of invoice. It must then be established within a maximum of 3 working days after the declaration of the loss by the carrier.