The story of My Flying Box

My Flying Box was born from the mind of Valérie so as to give to the entrepreneurs, the ambitious, the innovators, the e-sellers, the different shareholders of tomorrow's Internet, the SMEs... the same means to ship their parcels as corporations or multinationals.

What's our story?

As many legends do, this one starts with an idea.

After 10 years working with the pioneers of express shipping, Valérie, who spent her life on Leboncoin, Etsy, Videdressing, etc..., decided to create a tool for her favorite websites so as to simplify the transportation of her online purchases

Thus, with the help of her Geek team, Valerie created on online platform, an API and e-commerce modules and moved onwards to conquer customers across the globe.


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3 things we believe in about parcel sending :

It should be honest and appropriately priced.

Negotiated prices everywhere in the world, specifically for you!

It should be easy.

No constraints, no time wasted, sign up and go ahead and ship your parcel!

It should be quick.

In a few clicks, access the best national and international carriers.

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